3 ways to update your space for spring

spring update

I tend to get into a rut in my house. I work really hard to find decor that go together cohesively then when the vibe is right, I change NOTHING. About a year into living in our last house, I felt ‘finished’ and there it stayed until we added a nursery (which was complete before Mady’s arrival and didn’t change a bit until we moved). In our new space, I’m trying to make small changes every once in while to let in a little of the new season and now that Spring is in full force outside, it’s nice to feel a little freshness inside as well.

Consider Adding Texture 

Just last night, I sat down and made a little faux weaving to add to our bathroom. I used nothing but a stick from my yard and yarn I had sitting around in a craft box but it made all the difference in the world in the bathroom. Texture doesn’t just have to be on the walls either. A chunky knit blanket instead of the warm winter throw you had out or a mixed media pillow are also great options.

Paint Something White 

Don’t be afraid to repurpose something you already have. I painted my living room table white and the space brightened up almost immediately. I’m thinking of adding more white to my space by painting some picture frames or even a few small display items I have like a set of antlers. Just a few white touches can make all the difference.

Bring The Outside In 

Now that my jungle of backyard is in full bloom, we have been spending time plucking a flower now and then. My favorites to bring in are the lilacs and the camellia (yes I had to google the name of both those). They both last a while inside and are little bright spots on my table. Lets also talk about the smell because the lilacs….total mood booster.

I’m working on a few other projects to bring some Spring vibes into the house well. I think I’ll try my hand at water color painting or maybe a few more faux weavings will find their way into a room or two. What are your favorite ways to update for Spring? Do you have anything you bring out annually? I would love to hear in the comments!

how i cold brew


This weekend was filled with outside play, sun-kissed shoulders and showering future mamas and brides. It had all the signs that summer will be crazy amazing and crazy busy. To celebrate and keep from hitting my usual 2pm wall, I added cold brew back into my coffee rotation. There are about 1,000 ways you could whip up an afternoon coffee but I thought I would share how I keep my world going round.

What You Do 

fill a cup with ice

squirt a little chocolate down the sides of the cup

add 1 part cold brew (i use Trader Joe’s concentrate), 1 part water, 2 parts milk of your choice


A few days ago, I tried my hand at making flavored coffee syrups for a little variety but they turned out a tad too thick and sat at the bottom of my cup. I’m going to keep tweaking the recipe though so keep your eye out for some fun ways to flavor your coffee coming soon.




april [ these days ]

1 2 3

running outside on the incredibly nice days between the incredibly rainy days

watching Kyle work on a project I can’t wait to share

wishing there was more space in my garage so my car wasn’t cast outside during said project

drinking cold brew like it’s my job

making flavored coffee syrups

saying goodbye to a property this family will surely miss

maintaining calm when my daughter dresses herself in a bit of everything in her closet

wondering why she loves bugs so much #gross

loving that I am somehow lucky enough to have found friends that love my girl as much as I do

prepping for a busy next few weeks then beyond to summer which is always the best kind of busy

laughing at Veep (why am I so late to the game on this show? hilarious!)


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stepping up our dinner game + a blue apron giveaway


blue apron box (1)

I have read about Blue Apron a few times and always wanted to give it a try but set the idea aside for some reason. I mean, did I really need a dinner delivery service? But after we started to live in a chili, chicken, pasta dinner rotation, I decided to give it a whirl. I am SO glad I did. We have been receiving little blue boxes for two weeks now and our dinner game has really stepped up a notch.

Day 1 : Chili - Blackened Cod

Day 1 : Chili – Blackened Cod

Day 2 : Pan-Seared Chicken Verijus

Day 2 : Pan-Seared Chicken Verijus

Day 3 : Roasted Japanese Sweet Potatoes

Day 3 : Roasted Japanese Sweet Potatoes

How it works…

Sign up online and specify your dietary preferences

A refrigerated box arrives on your door step once a week containing all the fixings for three meals, picture recipe cards with detailed instructions and a little note about this weeks meals

Follow the directions which typically take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to prepare dinner

We have absolutely loved getting to learn some new tricks in the kitchen as well as expanding our recipe catalog.  Also, we only receive a two person meal box but there is plenty to feed all three of us so at $20 per meal, my food budget has stayed about the same and I get to ditch the huge grocery store runs. It’s been a total win for us!

And now for the great news, Blue Apron is giving one free meal to three Pretty Wednesday readers. To enter to win a meal, leave a comment below letting me know your favorite thing to cook for dinner. Three winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday, April 15th.  Note: To win, you must be new to Blue Apron. Not open to existing users.


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dressing up your door mat


Welcome to the season of outdoor maintenance aplenty. Spring is really giving it a good go here in the northwest. One day it’s cold, the next it’s 70 and sunny. On those days, I shamelessly text Ky mid-day that we should ‘spend the afternoon in the backyard’ aka ‘i think we might be interested in some yard work this afternoon. right honey?’

It’s high time we get some curb appeal going! And, because I can’t seem to resist any chance to shop, I went ahead and started looking for new welcome mats. These bad boys caught my eye and I thought I would share in case your front door is screaming for some help like mine was.

1. This hello mat from Amazon is just killing it.

2. After my friend Kendra so kindly had me obsessed with the H&M home site, I ended up purchasing a runner as well this striped guy. My front door thanks me.

3. This fox was just too cute. He almost had me.

4. I have jute welcome mats at both my back doors. They seem to help keep at least some of the pine needs from coming in with my dogs. #isweepEVERYday

5. I must have a thing for stripes but I love this pink mat. Added bonus, it’s on sale!

Also, can we just note that I so badly want to exude all cheese possible and call this post I adore door mats but your welcome for refraining.

Happy weekend!