mothers day weekend


A weekend to mostly relax and take each other in seems to become elusive around here as summer approaches but that’s just what we did on this fine mothers day weekend. Besides a few very fun, preplanned, activities we hung around on the couch and worked on our weekend chores. Yard work got done, laundry complete (all be it with the wrong, worst smelling laundry soap but I forgive you Kyle) and a many chocolate croissants were consumed.

I hope you had a perfect weekend celebrating all the amazing women we surround ourselves with. And a high five to all my mom friends. You are truly the baddest, most loving and craziest group I could hope to know. I couldn’t do it without you!

passion orange guava moscow mules


I had a total game changer of a drink on our trip to Austin. A carrot juice moscow mule sounded a little strange on the menu but it was order another one amazing and had me thinking of ways to flavor my own drinks. Within days of being home, Kyle was at Rachel’s Ginger Beer rattling off flavors to me over the phone. We decided to give the seasonal p.o.g. a try and it was just too good. Recipe below for your own enjoyment.

what you do 

fill cup with ice

add one shot of vodka and

a squirt of lime juice

fill remainder of glass with passion orange guava ginger beer

place a lime on the rim

I think I’ll try the hibiscus ginger beer next, then maybe the blood orange because I’m totally hooked now. Summer drinks for the win!

5 things my airbnb had that i wish i did

If you follow along on Insta, you know that Kyle and I recently took a trip to Austin. Actually, you were bombarded with photos for a weekend because I couldn’t get enough of all Austin had to offer. I have so much to say about A.TX but I thought I would start with our awesome apartment for the weekend.

When we started researching places to stay, I had a small panic attack. There was a food and wine festival in town and the hotel prices were craaaazy and, not knowing the area, I was hesitant to look anywhere else. Then, this place popped up on my first search of airbnb. It looked PERFECT and the reviews for both the place and the host were through the roof. Done and Done. Airbnb it was.

We couldn’t have been happier. And, to be honest, I was a little jealous of some of the features this place had to offer.









Start an Airbnb Search: Here

[in my neighborhood] deru market


Sometimes, you think you’ve discovered that hidden gem of a restaurant. That place that is so hidden, and so delicious you plan to make sure everyone working knows your name and very soon, your order. A few years ago, Deru Market felt like that for us. It’s tucked between warehouses in NorKirk and happily one block from Kyle’s office. But something this good could only be a secret for so long. If you go now, I assure you, you will drive around looking for parking. There might be a wait. And no, they don’t take reservations. And yet, it’s still so worth it.

It’s my go-to spot for a lunch date and the best is when a friend hasn’t found their way into Deru yet. I love their shock at the beautifully curated space and the cakes that look to be about 100 lbs. each (order the chocolate peanut-butter. you’ll thank me.)

Kyle loves to try whatever the special of the day happens to be but the smoked turkey sandwich has my heart forever. Between that and the house made chocolate mocha served in a bowl, it’s literally the stuff my food loving dreams are made of.

deru2 deru3 deru4

3 ways to update your space for spring

spring update

I tend to get into a rut in my house. I work really hard to find decor that go together cohesively then when the vibe is right, I change NOTHING. About a year into living in our last house, I felt ‘finished’ and there it stayed until we added a nursery (which was complete before Mady’s arrival and didn’t change a bit until we moved). In our new space, I’m trying to make small changes every once in while to let in a little of the new season and now that Spring is in full force outside, it’s nice to feel a little freshness inside as well.

Consider Adding Texture 

Just last night, I sat down and made a little faux weaving to add to our bathroom. I used nothing but a stick from my yard and yarn I had sitting around in a craft box but it made all the difference in the world in the bathroom. Texture doesn’t just have to be on the walls either. A chunky knit blanket instead of the warm winter throw you had out or a mixed media pillow are also great options.

Paint Something White 

Don’t be afraid to repurpose something you already have. I painted my living room table white and the space brightened up almost immediately. I’m thinking of adding more white to my space by painting some picture frames or even a few small display items I have like a set of antlers. Just a few white touches can make all the difference.

Bring The Outside In 

Now that my jungle of backyard is in full bloom, we have been spending time plucking a flower now and then. My favorites to bring in are the lilacs and the camellia (yes I had to google the name of both those). They both last a while inside and are little bright spots on my table. Lets also talk about the smell because the lilacs….total mood booster.

I’m working on a few other projects to bring some Spring vibes into the house well. I think I’ll try my hand at water color painting or maybe a few more faux weavings will find their way into a room or two. What are your favorite ways to update for Spring? Do you have anything you bring out annually? I would love to hear in the comments!